Crafting IT Management Solutions Inspired by a World of Experiences

From the heart of Belgium to the sandy stretches of the Thar desert in Rajasthan, my journey, Geert, has been filled with stories. Much like my personal voyage, Dunetrails, founded in 2017, was born from a vision of global understanding and a deep commitment to its clients. Through this lens, three core principles define our approach: innovation, collaboration, and sustainability, making us more than just an IT firm.


The saying “change is the only constant” is more relevant than ever. The IT domain is akin to a vast ocean, deep and forever in flux. Companies, big and small, find themselves on a continuous journey, navigating through the waves of technological advancements and adjusting their sails to changing winds. And like any formidable journey, the right tools can make all the difference.

Innovation is not just about embracing new technologies but understanding their potential and integrating them seamlessly into business operations. At Dunetrails, we commit ourselves to this ethos, ensuring businesses are not only equipped with the best tools but also the knowledge to use them optimally. As the tech landscape shifts and evolves, with Dunetrails by your side, you’ll be confidently steering toward a promising future.


Businesses come with their histories, their ambitions, and their distinct challenges. At Dunetrails, we recognize this diversity, and before proposing any solution, we take the time to dive deep. We seek to understand not just the practical aspects of your business but its spirit, its DNA. It’s about discerning the stories behind your strategies, the reasons behind your requirements, and the dreams behind your data.

There’s a profound difference between merely offering a service and genuinely partnering in a journey. A service provider might give you a solution, but a partner collaborates to craft it with you. At Dunetrails, we pride ourselves on being the latter. We work alongside you, merging our expertise with your insights, creating solutions that aren’t just efficient but also deeply aligned with your organizational ethos.


Our commitment to sustainability is twofold. Externally, we have initiatives like our support for schools in Sri Dungargar. Internally, we strive to ensure a harmonious work-life balance for our team. This approach not only ensures timely and within-budget project deliveries but also nurtures a healthy, positive, and inspired work environment.

Embark on a unique IT journey with Dunetrails. Let us be your compass, guiding you through IT challenges, and carving pathways to your success.

A Letter from Geert

Greetings to all, I’m Geert, proud founder of Dunetrails, nestled in the heart of Belgium. While Belgium is where my journey began, it’s the alluring town of Sri Dungargar in the vast Thar desert of Rajasthan, India, that holds a special place in my heart. This bond was forged through Shweta, my wife, who was born amidst the golden sands and vibrant culture of this unique town.

Our love story is the kind of tale that, with its twists and turns, could easily fill the pages of a novel. But as much as I’d love to recount our romantic saga, I’ll reserve it for another day. Today, I want to focus on something that has deeply impacted me during my repeated visits to India.

Year after year, as Shweta and I explored her hometown, I’ve had the honor of stepping into local schools in Sri Dungargar. It’s been an eye-opener. I’ve witnessed first-hand the stark realities they face: the worn-out textbooks, classrooms that have seen better days, and the palpable spirit of children making the most of limited resources. It’s not just a gap in materials; it’s an opportunity chasm that separates these children from their counterparts in more privileged institutions.

Children, by no fault of their own, are entering a world where they’re already miles behind. I firmly believe in the power of education to level the playing field, and I felt a personal responsibility to be part of the solution.

Driven by this mission, Dunetrails has pledged to allocate 1% of each invoice to support two handpicked schools in Sri Dungargar. But our commitment doesn’t stop with a monetary contribution. Shweta and I are deeply involved in ensuring these funds create real, tangible change. We stay in close touch with the school administrations, constantly brainstorming ways to maximize the impact of every dollar spent, and most importantly, striving to bring hope and opportunity to these wonderful children.

In essence, this isn’t just about charity; it’s about creating a legacy of empowerment, education, and equal opportunity for the next generation.