Monitoring Metrics to Understand

When you are troubleshooting or when you have a life environment. It is important that your environment is performing well. We would say “Measuring is Knowing”. Some of the most commonly used monitoring tools for VDI out there are: ControlUp: Is specialized in monitoring IT Virtualization products. It is a very impressive product, designed to… Continue reading Monitoring Metrics to Understand

Citrix App Layering

Citrix App Layering (fermerly Unidesk) is a tool that helps you build your VDI image. Benefits of Citrix AppLayering With Citrix App Layering you can compose different images based on the layered applications. That way it is easy to build a Test, Acceptance and Production image. Some organizations maintain multiple golden images because they have… Continue reading Citrix App Layering

Building the Golden VDI Image

With Golden VDI images, multiple virtual desktops can be implemented based on one basic image. This configuration simplifies management, ensures that users have a consistent experience with every login, and ensures that all systems meet the company’s security and compliance requirements: All virtual desktops generated by the image are exactly the same and comply with… Continue reading Building the Golden VDI Image

Desktop Optimizations for Windows 10 – VDI

Windows 10 was first released in 2015, and a lot has changed since it’s initial release. The OS had it’s up’s and downs: we the VDI engineers, often cursed it, because of those UWP apps and difficulties to get it to work properly in a non-persistent environment. But since Windows 7 is no longer supported… Continue reading Desktop Optimizations for Windows 10 – VDI