Optimizing On-Premises Citrix CVAD with Citrix Autoscale

It’s a common observation among our customers: post 18:00 and during weekends, the demand for CVAD dramatically drops, with many businesses requiring less than half the usual capacity. Yet, with the convenience of Citrix Autoscale being limited to cloud-based operations, our on-premise clientele often faced a dilemma – juggling between operational efficiency and the security plus financial advantages of staying on-premise. Enter the next phase of operational excellence, as we unveil the Citrix Autoscale for on-premises CVAD users.

Understanding Citrix CVAD 

Before diving into the transformative impact of the latest Citrix Autoscale integration, it’s vital to understand the cornerstone of the offering: Citrix CVAD (Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops).

Citrix CVAD is a state-of-the-art solution that allows businesses to deliver both applications and desktops to end-users. It’s designed to provide remote access to applications and desktop environments, hosted centrally, thereby reducing the need for physical hardware and extensive infrastructure at the end-user’s location. The benefits are multifold, from enhanced performance to streamlined management.

Citrix Autoscale: What Was Once Missing

Citrix CVAD has always been at the forefront of Dunetrails’ offerings, backed by a clientele that places a premium on top-tier services. But one element that was often desired, yet elusive, was the power management feature of Citrix Autoscale, previously exclusive to cloud deployments.

The situation left many clients in a conundrum: while they cherished the security and fiscal prudence of their on-premises setup, they also sought the flexibility and efficiency Autoscale brought to the table. And who can blame them? With many businesses noticing a sharp decline in CVAD usage after regular working hours and on weekends, there’s no justification for maintaining full capacity round-the-clock.

Citrix Autoscale Now On-Premises: The Transformation Begins

With the introduction of Citrix Autoscale for on-premises setups, we’re not just breaking down barriers; we’re reinventing how our clients perceive efficiency. It’s an innovation that promises unparalleled operational agility, ensuring resources are used prudently without compromising on performance.

Here’s what Dunetrails’ clients can now leverage:

  • Smart Scaling Based on Demand: Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all approach. Citrix Autoscale, with its adaptive capabilities, can now dial down resources during off-peak hours and ramp them up when demand surges.

  • Tailored Operational Hours: Businesses with predictable operation timelines can set virtual machines to power up or down based on their unique schedules. This is perfect for those who see reduced CVAD activity post 18:00 and on weekends.

A Brighter Tomorrow with Dunetrails and Citrix Autoscale

The integration of Citrix Autoscale into the on-premises CVAD offering isn’t just a feature addition; It’s about acknowledging and addressing genuine business concerns, be it the need for heightened security, fiscal advantages, or ensuring resources are optimally utilized.

So, to our esteemed clients, we say: The future of data center power management is here, and it’s tailored just for you. Dive into a world where operational efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness coexist in perfect harmony.

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