ControlUp’s Exciting New Era: Tom Holland and Jed Ayres Set to Boost Digital Employee Experience

In a noteworthy transition, Tom Holland, formerly the Senior Vice President of Americas sales for Citrix, has joined ControlUp, a leading digital employee experience software company, as its Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Holland, credited with steering a Citrix sales division to produce over a staggering $1 billion annually, is enthusiastic about fostering close collaborations with channels and partners at ControlUp. His penchant for the hands-on approach promises to resonate deeply within the more intimate size of ControlUp.

Simultaneously, ControlUp’s strategic move to onboard Jed Ayres, former CEO of IGEL, further fortifies its leadership. Ayres, celebrated for metamorphosing IGEL from an under-the-radar hardware enterprise into a software juggernaut, is primed to serve as ControlUp’s CEO. With Ayres at the helm, the focus is clear: accelerate channel-led and channel-first tactics. The ambitious vision paints a promising picture – a threefold surge in the company’s annual recurring revenue within the forthcoming two years.

ControlUp’s platform is no less than groundbreaking. It is an instrumental solution that enhances PC and cloud productivity by facilitating real-time user monitoring, diagnosis, and remediation. The spectrum of its insights encapsulates everything from PCs, networks, applications, to expansive cloud terrains. A unique blend of user sentiment analysis and AI-imbued algorithms ensures the preemptive resolution of technical glitches that could hamper productivity.

As part of this new chapter, Tom Holland is poised to set the foundation for a channel advisory council. The core objective? Harness feedback from partners, thereby ensuring ControlUp remains staunchly channel-oriented. Holland’s aspiration aligns perfectly with the evolving software landscape, which has transitioned from traditional software licensing models to SaaS, subscription, and managed services.

An addition worth noting is Douglas Brown’s tenure with ControlUp, having been integrated as their VP of Community a year prior. With a rich history of collaboration with Jed Ayres at IGEL spanning over five years, Brown’s expertise is another feather in ControlUp’s cap.

The ControlUp co-founder and erstwhile CEO, Asaf Ganot, confers his confidence in Ayres, envisioning him as the driving force leading the company to an IPO. With Ganot transitioning to the roles of executive chairman and chief product officer, the future seems bright.

All signs indicate a transformative phase for ControlUp, with industry partners echoing positive sentiments. The consensus? Under Ayres’ proficient leadership and with the platform’s state-of-the-art technology, ControlUp is primed to redefine the digital user experience, especially in the prevailing hybrid work milieu.

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