Unplugging from the Digital World: Reconnecting with What Truly Matters

It’s not every day one gets to experience a complete digital detox, but that’s exactly what I had the opportunity to do on a recent long weekend. The setting was a luxurious house in the heart of nature, right on the border of Belgium and France. Despite the extravagant cost, I decided to embrace the experience wholeheartedly. After all, life’s too short for regrets.

This weekend was more than just a holiday. It was an experiment in disconnecting from the whirl of technology that typically surrounds my daily life as the founder of Dunetrails, an IT consultancy firm. The location, far away from the demands of my business, was a gentle reminder of the importance of balance in a world consumed by constant digital interaction.

I reveled in the freedom of three days without the persistent pull of emails and updates. My laptop remained untouched, my phone hardly left my pocket, and, instead of monitoring digital landscapes, I explored the natural landscapes with my family, teaching my daughter to swim and rediscovering the joy of kayaking.

For those of you reading this who, like me, work in the IT industry, you know how hard it is to break away from the digital world. Our professions often require us to stay connected, to always be reachable. But in those three days, I learned to value the balance between my digital work life and my analogue personal life.

Returning to my work routine was a stark contrast. The weight of the digital world crashed back upon me. Despite a long workday, I found myself reflexively reaching for my phone when exhaustion hit, rather than spending quality time with my children.

So, here’s my takeaway: A balanced life is vital for everyone, but perhaps even more so for those of us in the IT industry. I’ve realized the need to establish firm boundaries, to stow away my devices when work is done and fully engage with the world in front of me. At Dunetrails, we champion sustainability and balance, not just for our clients’ technology solutions but also for our team members’ lives.

This is my commitment moving forward: To consciously disconnect from the digital world and invest more time in what truly matters, my family. I encourage all of us working in this fast-paced, digital-heavy industry to do the same. Let’s make the conscious choice to balance our dedication to technology with our dedication to our personal lives. Because in the end, the relationships we cultivate are what truly matter.

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