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Protecting Your Team: A Project Manager’s Duty

As a project manager, it’s essential to be approachable for your team members. If your team members don’t feel comfortable coming to you with their questions or concerns, their motivation levels will start to drop. Once motivation starts to decrease, project velocity will decrease, and the overall success of the project will be at risk.

Being approachable as a project manager is essential because it creates an environment of trust and respect. When team members feel that their concerns are heard and addressed, they are more likely to remain engaged and committed to the project’s success. Additionally, team members who feel comfortable asking questions are more likely to learn and grow, which can ultimately benefit the project.

However, being approachable is only one part of the equation. The project manager must also protect the team from external stakeholders, such as the customer. Customers will always want more, faster, and better, regardless of how hard the team is working. As a project manager, it’s your job to manage the customer’s expectations and communicate the team’s limitations effectively. Protecting the team from external pressure can help maintain motivation levels and keep the project moving forward.

One key aspect of protecting the team is having faith in their abilities. As a project manager, you must believe that your team members have the best intentions for the work they do. This faith in your team will translate to confidence in their abilities, even when things go south. When the project hits a bump in the road, knowing that your team has the skills and resources to fix the issue can help you remain calm and composed during project status meetings.

In conclusion, being approachable as a project manager is essential for maintaining high motivation levels and project velocity. Additionally, protecting the team from external stakeholders can help maintain motivation levels and ensure the project’s success. Having faith in your team’s abilities is also crucial for maintaining confidence and composure during project status meetings. By following these strategies, project managers can help ensure that their teams are set up for success, and the project will move forward smoothly.


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