Securing the Modern Workplace: Beyond Firewalls and Data Centers

When it comes to IT security, many companies feel a sense of security if they have a robust firewall in place, coupled with a well-segmented data center. However, the landscape of work and the challenges of cybersecurity have drastically evolved. It’s time to reevaluate these beliefs.

In this era, where employees are frequently working remotely – from their homes, cafes, or even on flights – the traditional security measures often fall short. These off-site networks can hardly be labeled as secure, yet they serve as gateways to sensitive company data. Worse yet, laptops, often containing backups of important work, are vulnerable to theft. Without encryption technologies like BitLocker, a stolen laptop can be a potential goldmine for unauthorized individuals.

Understanding these risks, we at Dunetrails have crafted two potent solutions. The first involves a comprehensive setup of Microsoft Defender for Endpoints, complemented by Intune profiles, to lockdown and secure devices, thus achieving maximum security. This is an area where we have garnered extensive experience and expertise.

Secondly, we can elevate your security to the next level through Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). By leveraging Azure Virtual Desktops (AVD) or Citrix CVAD, we ensure that data never leaves the confines of your data center. Coupled with IGEL thin client or IGEL’s UD Pocket, you can create an environment where nothing needs to exit the data center.

The IGEL UD Pocket is a unique tool designed for workspace agility, remote working, and business continuity, which have become critical business priorities in today’s world. The UD Pocket enables you to boot any x86-64 device into IGEL OS, thus providing a secure, high-performance, and managed workspace. What makes this tool even more compelling is its ability to leave the underlying installed operating system and files untouched, all while providing easy and secure access to Office 365, Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, Citrix, VMware, Amazon, and many other cloud-based workspaces.

From a security perspective, the IGEL UD Pocket and UD Pocket2 offer a highly secure Linux-based operating system which is entirely separate from the underlying operating system. This feature, combined with support for two-factor authentication and trusted execution, ensures data remains secure even in a remote working context. Furthermore, these devices can be remotely and securely managed and controlled using the IGEL Cloud Gateway.

The UD Pocket and UD Pocket2 can transform any device into a secure workspace, enabling secure access to virtualized desktops or Desktop as a Service (DaaS) environments. The result? Enhanced user experience through faster logins, quicker application loading, consistent operation, and boosted performance in database lookups or queries. In a nutshell, with these tools, you can work securely from anywhere, using any device.

The fast-evolving landscape of work necessitates a shift from traditional, location-based security strategies to more robust, flexible solutions that can cater to the realities of remote work. With our solutions at Dunetrails, we ensure your IT security evolves in tandem with these changes, always staying a step ahead.